Tamara’s Article on Brand Storytelling Published at Silicon Republic


Thulium CEO, Tamara McCleary’s most recent article, Brand storytelling and heeding the wisdom of the seanchaí, was published at SiliconRepublic.com, Ireland’s leading technology and business news site.
Inspirefest speaker, social media influencer and expert in conscious business and relationships, Tamara McCleary, discusses what brands can learn from the Irish tradition of storytelling. As human beings, the desire to share and consume stories is encoded into our DNA. We seek to be a part of something greater, something more meaningful. In researching my Irish ancestry and seeking to better understand the rich texture of Ireland’s history before my trip to Dublin for Inspirefest, I dove headlong into a study of the ancient storytellers of Ireland: the seanchaí, custodians of folklore and Ireland’s lush, yet withering, oral tradition. For centuries, the seanchaí often travelled the countryside, (or remained in town at a favourite pub), regaling individuals and communities with yarns spun from an amalgamation of myth and history.
To read the rest of the article, you can find it here at Silicon Republic.

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